Terms & Conditions

General Purchasing Terms and Conditions for Homebaze AB

Below you will find the general terms and conditions that apply for purchases made at www.day­home.dk. These purchasing terms and conditions are applicable to the purchase agreement consumers make with Homebaze AB (Day Home, organisation number: 556931-6838).


Homebaze AB

Box 3184

SE-550 03 Jönköping


For all sales to consumers, Day Home applies all the binding rules entailed by applicable legislation. More information about the Distance and Off-Premises Contracts Act and the Consumer Sales Act is available at www.konsumentverket.se.


Establishment of a purchase agreement

A purchase agreement is established once your order has been confirmed by us via an email sent to the email address you stated when placing the order. By placing your order, you agree to accept these terms and conditions. Day Home does not enter into agreements with minors (individuals aged less than 18 years) without the consent of parents/guardians.



You can pay for your products in one of the ways presented below.

Payment card

You can provide your payment details when placing your order by using a valid payment card (American Express, VISA or Mastercard). The appropriate amount will be immediately reserved on your card, although it will not be debited until the product has been dispatched. Day Home reserves the right to check the validity of the payment card, that there is capacity for payment of the order’s value to be made, and that the purchaser’s address details are correct. Day Home may decline the purchase as a result of these checks.


For payments made via PayPal, Day Home reserves the right to check the validity of the PayPal account, that the available balance for the account covers the purchase amount, and to verify the purchaser’s billing address. The appropriate amount will be immediately reserved on your PayPal account, although it will not be debited until the product has been dispatched from the warehouse. Day Home reserves the right to decline all purchases.



In partnership with Klarna, we offer payment by invoice for purchases made at day-home.dk. This payment solution is known as Klarna Checkout. This means that your invoice and thereby your debt are transferred to Klarna AB. The payment conditions are 14 days (net) after your order has been dispatched from our warehouse. The invoice will be sent to your stated email address in conjunction with the delivery.


More information about Klarna is available here, and you can read their user terms and conditions here. By stating your details at the checkout, you agree to accept Klarna’s terms and conditions. By clicking on “Confirm order”, you also agree to accept our purchasing terms and conditions.


Changing an order
If you wish to make any changes to an order you have already placed, please contact us as quickly as possible.

With reservations that your order may already have been processed, as orders are automatically sent to our warehouse for picking. If your order has already been processed, however, we offer the right to return products during a period of 30 days, so that you can return any product you do not wish to keep. For more details, see the Returns section.


Prices and products

All prices listed on day-home.dk are inclusive of VAT. VAT is included in the total cost you see at the checkout. The prices do not include delivery costs. Where applicable, delivery costs are extra and will be added at the checkout stage when you complete your purchase.

With reservation for the possibility of expired availability, product updates and printing errors. In the event of any inconsistencies in the price or product information, we reserve the right to cancel a purchase. All pictorial material is provided for guidance only and does not guarantee the exact appearance of the product.


Discount codes
Please note that the code cannot be combined with other discount codes or offers. The discount code is valid for one (1) purchase, and cannot be registered after the completion of a purchase.


Pictures on the website

We strive to reproduce the colours and shades of our products as exactly as possible, but we cannot guarantee that the pictures shown on the website are true representations of how the products may be perceived in reality.

Any differences in the nuances of the presentation may be attributed to various factors, including (for example) the display settings on your device.

If you should feel that there are discrepancies between the pictures on the website and the product you received, please contact us at info@day-home.dk.


Delivery costs and methods

Our deliveries are made via UPS. Products are delivered either to the address you stated when you placed the order or to a designated parcel pick-up point. The method of delivery is selected automatically, taking into account aspects such as weight, volume, etc. A delivery charge of EUR 15 will be added.



If your products are in stock at Day Home’s warehouse, your order will normally be dispatched from our warehouse within 1-3 business days from the date on which we received your order. The actual stock status is listed beneath each individual product. Once your order has been dispatched, the chosen delivery supplier’s delivery time will apply, which is usually 1-5 business days. With reservation for possible delays in the event of high order volumes (e.g. during particularly busy periods) and for any errors in the stock status listed on day-home.dk.


All deliveries are made following notification. When taking delivery of/collecting ordered products, the customer must always be able to present a valid form of identification. Only the person named on the parcel may collect the parcel from a parcel pick-up point. If the parcel is to be collected by another person, both the collector’s and the named recipient’s identification must be presented.


In the event of a delay to the delivery, the customer will be notified by email or a telephone call from Day Home. The customer reserves the right to cancel the purchase in the event of prolonged delays to delivery. Instances may arise where it is not possible to fulfil an order – for example, in the event that Day Home’s supplier is not able to fulfil their commitment to Day Home. Accordingly, Day Home reserves the right to exempt themselves from any demand for compensation from the customer as a result of delivery delays.


Day Home is liable for transportation risks to the customer – i.e. the risk that a product becomes damaged or lost during transportation to the customer. The customer is liable for the risk when any product is returned to Day Home.

Delivery cost
The cost of delivery is EUR 15.


Delays to delivery

In the event of any delays to delivery caused by the recipient (e.g. the need to correct an incorrect address, storage costs incurred by postponed delivery, new delivery charges for extra delivery transport), an additional fee may be charged.


Uncollected parcels
Please note that it is important that you receive/collect your parcel in time and do not allow the parcel to be returned as undelivered. Failure to collect your parcel may result in you being charged a return delivery fee of EUR 20. Your parcel will be stored at the parcel pick-up point for 14 days before being returned to us.



Transport damage
Day Home has liability for products that become damaged or lost while being delivered to you. When taking receipt of your delivery, it is important that you check that no damage has been caused to your products during transport. Any damage that occurred during transport must be reported to info@day-home.dk without delay. Please note that the email must contain pictures of the damage to the product and the packaging. Damage caused to the packaging only does not constitute transport damage. Any visible damage must be reported directly, and any concealed damage must be reported within seven (7) days.

In order to be eligible for any compensation payable as a result of transport damage, both the packaging and the product must be retained by the customer until the processing of the case has been completed.

Incorrect delivery

In the event of the wrong product being delivered, you are obliged to inform us and to return any wrongly delivered product, unless otherwise stated.

Right of cancellation and right to return
In accordance with the Distance and Off-Premises Contracts Act, customers always have the right of cancellation for a period of 14 days from receipt of the delivery. If, during this period, you decide to return the product for a refund, you must email info@day-home.dk to obtain a returns slip.

The right of cancellation does not apply to consignments that were either uncollected or returned due to delivery delays caused by the customer.

The right of cancellation only applies if the product and original packaging are in unchanged condition, but the customer is legally entitled to handle the product to the extent necessary to establish its condition and function. In the event that the right of cancellation is invoked, we reserve the right to make deductions corresponding to the depreciation in value caused by the customer’s handling of the product where such exceeded the extent to which it was necessary in order to establish its condition and function. The depreciation in value will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The deadline for invoking the right of cancellation is calculated from the day on which the customer received the product.


When cancelling a purchase, the customer is liable for the cost of return delivery of EUR 15. The cost of return delivery will be deducted from the refund paid to you. Refunds are paid to the account stated at the time of purchase. Before you commence a returns process, you must first contact our customer service team in order to be sent a prepaid returns delivery notice, together with the relevant returns form.

The returned product must be complete, which means that all accessories, user manuals, product packaging, internal packaging, etc. must be included in the return.

The customer is liable for the risk if the product is damaged during return delivery to us. In the event of any damage to the return, full compensation cannot be promised. You must therefore take care to ensure the product is sufficiently well packaged. Use the outer packaging in which the product was originally sent. Do not affix the return delivery notice directly to the product packaging.


Day Home always offers the right to return for a period of 30 days. The right to return within 30 days applies to products in unbroken packaging and in accordance with the conditions stated above for the right of cancellation.


Return delivery fee

The cost of delivery for returns is EUR 15. The cost of return delivery will be deducted from the refund paid to you. Refunds are paid to the account stated at the time of purchase. Before you commence a returns process, you must first contact our customer service team in order to be sent a prepaid returns delivery notice, together with the relevant returns form. Day Home will not accept any returns sent with payment on delivery.


We are not able to collect parcels that must be collected from a parcel pick-up point, or parcels sent with payment on delivery. Any parcels sent to a parcel pick-up point will be returned to the sender.


Exchanging of products

The exchanging of products is processed in the same way as a return. You return the product(s) you wish to change, and place a new order in our webshop.

If you have used Klarna Faktura to pay for the products being returned, you can “Report a return” by logging in at klarna.se (or using Klarna’s app), and the payment due date of your invoice will be paused while your return is waiting to be processed. In this way, you do not need to make a payment unnecessarily early.


We apply the Consumer Sales Act’s right of complaint, which means that you have the right to submit a complaint for a period of three (3) years after you have received the product. This is applicable on the condition that all guidance for care and maintenance has been followed and that normal due care has been exercised. If you wish to submit a complaint, we recommend that you contact our customer service team, who will be able to help you to process your claim more quickly. You will then be asked to provide pictorial evidence, where the fault/defect is clearly shown.

In the event of a complaint, the fault must be reported immediately, or as soon as the fault is discovered. A period of two (2) months is always considered to be a reasonable period for the reporting of a faulty product. If the complaint is approved, we will take responsibility for all costs that are associated with the return, including return delivery.

For cases concerning a complaint, the customer should contact Day Home’s customer service team at info@day-home.dk.

Disputes and legal application
For these purchasing terms and conditions, Swedish law shall apply. In the event of any dispute, Day Home follows the recommendations of the National Board for Consumer Disputes (Allmänna reklamationsnämnden, ARN). If you have any questions concerning Day Home’s purchasing terms and conditions, please contact Day Home’s customer service team. For further information about your consumer rights, please visit the website of the Swedish Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket) www.konsumentverket.se.